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  • Ancla Insular

    Ancla Insular

    A blog maintained by independent Cuban blogger Miguel Iturria Savon from Havana. Read More
  • Arroz con Punk

    Arroz con Punk

    A blog authored by cuban bloggers La Deya, El Hebert, Fabi and Lia. Read More
  • Cambio-Debate Cuba

    Cambio-Debate Cuba

    A publication including articles by leaders of various political groups and parties encouraging a debate about the kinds of changes necessary in Cuba. Read More
  • Criollo Liberal

    Criollo Liberal

    A blog maintained by Joisy Garcia Martinez in Cuba. Read More
  • Desde Aqui

    Desde Aqui

    A blog maintained by Reinaldo Escobar in Havana. Read More
  • Desde La Habana

    Desde La Habana

    A blog maintained by Ivan Garcia Quinter in Havana. Read More
  • El Auditorio Imbecil

    El Auditorio Imbecil

    A blog maintained by “El Ciro” in Havana. Read More
  • El Blog de Dimas

    El Blog de Dimas

    A blog maintained by Dimas Castellanos en Havana. Read More
  • El Pequeño Hermano

    El Pequeño Hermano

    A blog maintained by Ernesto Morales Licea in Bayamo. Read More
  • Fotos desde Cuba

    Fotos desde Cuba

    A photo blog maintained by Pedro Luis Boitel in Havana. Read More
  • Generacion Y

    Generacion Y

    Generation Y is a Blog inspired by people like me, with names that start with or contain a “Y”. Born in Cuba in the ’70s and ’80s, marked by schools in the countryside, Russian cartoons, il… Read More
  • HavanaCity


    A blog featuring photos of Havana. Read More
  • IntraMuros


    A blog maintained by Convivencia Cuba in Pinar del Rio. Read More
  • Jurisconsulto


    A blog maintained by Laritza Diversent that attempts to explain Cuban law and legal systems. Read More
  • La Polemica Digital

    La Polemica Digital

    A blog by Elaine Diaz from Cuba. Read More
  • La Voz del Morro

    La Voz del Morro

    A blog maintained by Juan Juan Almeida. Read More
  • Libertad Sindical

    Libertad Sindical

    A blog featuring news about Cuba’s independent labor movement and articles written by Pedro Pablo Alvarez Ramos, former prisoner of conscience from the dark spring of 2003 and General Secre… Read More
  • Los Hijos que Nadie Quiso

    Los Hijos que Nadie Quiso

    A blog maintained by Angel Santiesteban in Cuba. Read More
  • Lunes de Post-Revolucion

    Lunes de Post-Revolucion

    A blog maintained by Orlando Luis Padro Lazo in Havana. Read More
  • Marta Beatriz Roque Info

    Marta Beatriz Roque Info

    Official blog of Marta Beatriz Roque Cabello. Read More
  • Malaletra


    A blog maintained by Regina Coyula in Havana. Read More
  • Octavo Cerco

    Octavo Cerco

    A blog maintained by Claudia Cadelo in Havana. Read More
  • Por el Ojo de la Aguja

    Por el Ojo de la Aguja

    A blog maintained y Rebeca Monzo Mieres in Havana. Read More
  • Reconciliación Cubana

    Reconciliación Cubana

    A blog maintained by Miriam Leiva and Oscar Espinosa Chepe in Havana. Read More
  • Re-Evolucion


    Blog maintained by Cuban hip hop DJ Alain Saavedra. Read More
  • Sagua Muerta

    Sagua Muerta

    A blog by cuban blogger Pepe Beltran from Sagua La Grande, Cuba. Read More
  • Sin EVAsion

    Sin EVAsion

    A blog by Miriam Celaya from Cuba. Read More
  • Veritas


    A blog maintained by Eugenio Leal in Cienfuegos. Read More
  • Voces Tras las Rejas

    Voces Tras las Rejas

    A bl